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To The Dogs

Trainers a growing niche in SWFL...

By: Glenn Miller - Florida Weekly Correspondent


The right trainer with the right skills can make profound impressions on dog and master. Just ask Noreen Centracchio of Naples, who hired Marianne Hepp of Naples Canine Trainers.


“She walks on water,” Ms. Centracchio said of Ms. Hepp. Ms. Hepp has worked with three of Ms. Centracchio’s dogs.“On behavioral issues and regular obedience,” Ms. Centracchio said.


Marianne Hepp of Naples Canine Concierge also encourages dog owners seeking trainers to find ones with credentials. On her website, Ms. Hepp writes: “I’ve been a lifelong animal lover and I’m currently ‘owned’ by three rather rambunctious overgrown puppies, a few pesky cats, and one incredibly lovable horse.” 


Ms. Hepp told Florida Weekly she has a degree from the University of Maryland in animal behavior sciences. She offers in-home training.“I do mostly behavior modification,” Ms. Hepp said she also teaches group classes at Fleischmann Park in Naples. Ms. Hepp sums up what she does as teaching “canine good citizenship.”


Desperation, it seems, is often a motivator to call dog trainers. “I like helping people,” Ms. Hepp said. “They come when they’re at the end of their rope.”

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