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AKC Canine Good Citizens 

Naples Canine offers the Canine Good Citizens Training Program for those individuals who what to own a CGC dog.  Or those individuals who want a really well trained dog.The program includes 5 lessons as well as unlimited "Training In The Park" (12 lessons per year). The goal of the program is to have a well trained dog and pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. We guarantee your dog will be trained if you will do the training! The program includes:


  • Heel on Leash

  • Sit on Command

  • Down on Command

  • Stand on Command

  • Sit Stay

  • Down Stay

  • Stand Stay

  • Come on Command

  • Distraction

  • Off Leash Heeling

  • Figure Eight

  • Long Sit Stay

  • Long Down Stay

  • Stay 20 Ft. Lead

  • Stand For Examination

  • Socialization with other people & animals

  • Solving behavior problems

  • Canine Good Citizen Test 


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